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Welcome to the SPACECAST web site, a resource providing support for satellite operators, designers and insurers, and information for the general public. SPACECAST is a Collaborative Project funded by the European Union Framework 7 programme to help protect satellites on orbit by modelling and forecasting particle radiation.

The SPACECAST project finished in 2014 but the forecasting element was continued in the EU SPACESTORM project 2014–2017. The forecasting element was then transitioned into a prototype forecasting system for the European Space Agency and since 2019 can be accessed via the ESA space weather web portal as Satellite Risk Prediction and Radiation Forecasts SaRIF.

The SPACECAST real time environment and effects plots are no longer produced. The magnetometer data plots (real time and archive) are still available from the left-hand menu, combining ground magnetometer data from the BAS Antarctic Halley station, GOES magnetometer and electron flux data, and solar wind and magnetic indices.

Satellite orbits in the Van Allen radiation belts

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